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Disability & Absence Management

Managing unscheduled absences and complying with the litany of leave of absence laws has become a highly regulated area. Even small employers are subject to certain laws providing employees with certain time off and related rights.  Knowing when and how to return employees to work following a leave of absence can be a landmine.  Our services address each client’s unique time off policies and ensure compliance with all legal requirements (e.g., FMLA, CFRA, ADA, etc.), including medical confidentiality, job reinstatement, return to work accommodations, employee benefit plan continuation, and wage replacement benefit coordination (disability plans, SDI, Paid Family Leave).

Ms. Topliff is a recognized expert in the field of leave of absence and disability accommodation.  For many years, she has taught two highly praised, ongoing full-day classes on the subject for the Northern California Human Resources Association, providing hundreds of human resources professionals with the tools and knowledge to manage these difficult issues.  Ms. Topliff has also testified as an expert witness in this area.

Our services include Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures for:

  • Disability Accommodations (Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & state  law counterparts)
  • Leaves of Absence (Family and Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act/California Pregnancy Disability/Workers’ Compensation)
  • Return to Work programs
  • Attendance Guidelines
  • Paid Time Off Plans
  • Medical certification process
  • Reasonable accommodation procedures
  • Fitness-for-duty examination process