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New California Employment Laws for 2022

January 4, 2022

This year’s new California employment laws range from separation agreements to COVID-19 safety obligations to the continuing sagas of binding arbitration and independent contractor classifications. 

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San Francisco Paid Parental Leave: An Update and Potential Wave of the Future

San Francisco’s Paid Parental Leave extends to small employers and could be the wave of the future.

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2017 Legislative Update for California Employers

2017 California legislative changes impacting the workplace range from expansion of the Fair Pay Act to the legalization of marijuana

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Talking Politics in the Workplace (or not)

It’s a Presidential Election Year: Considerations for managing political discussions in the workplace

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From Salary Reviews to Paid Parental Leave: A Mid-Year Compliance Checklist

Mid-year compliance checklist: Review salaries for compliance with new FLSA overtime exemption requirements and prepare for San Francisco Paid Parental Leave

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New California Requirements for Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policies

California employers already have an affirmative duty to prevent and promptly correct discriminatory and harassing conduct in the workplace under California Government Code section 12940(k) of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”). On April 1, 2016, amended FEHA regulations will take effect.

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New California Employment Laws for 2016

2016 California employment laws expand requirements for gender wage disparity through Fair Pay Act. Protected activity for retaliation claims includes disability and religious accommodation requests. Retaliation prohibited against family member of complaining party. School activity time off expanded. Computer professional overtime exemption minimum compensation rates are increased. Compensation for piece rate clarified.

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How to Comply with the Updated California Family Rights Act Regulations

Effective 7/1/15, the updated California Family Rights Act regulations clarify employee eligibility, medical certification, accrued paid time off usage, designation notices and job reinstatement obligations.

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California Court Clarifies Employers’ Duty of Reasonable Accommodation

Evidence of employer setting employee with cancer up to fail with unfair performance plan no defense to failure to reasonably accommodate. Employer failed to explain why employee’s requested accommodation could not be provided, violating the interactive process obligation.

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New California Laws for 2015

2015 California employment laws expand discrimination protections to unpaid interns, clarify protections for undocumented persons issued driver’s licenses, and add reporting requirements for employing large numbers of Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Harassment prevention training must include anti-bullying. Computer professional overtime exemption minimum compensation rates are increased. Joint employer liability standards are codified.

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