New California Employment Laws for 2024

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As another year comes to a close, there is one thing we can always count on and that is new California employment laws. This year’s crop includes an expansion of the California Paid Sick Leave law, an expansion of bereavement leave to include reproductive loss time off, and Workplace Violence Prevention Program requirements.

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New California Employment Laws for 2023

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Another year has flown by while the California Legislature has been hard at work passing a variety of employment laws, ranging from pay transparency requirements to bereavement leave.

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New California Employment Laws for 2022

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This year’s new California employment laws range from separation agreements to COVID-19 safety obligations to the continuing sagas of binding arbitration and independent contractor classifications. 

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New California Employment Laws for 2021

Typewriter with 2021 typed on paper

As we approach the end of this cataclysmic year, we can be thankful for something that never changes — more employment law issues to address.  The following describes the most significant California employment laws going into effect in 2021, along with an HR Compliance Checklist to help you plan ahead. Expansion of the California Family…

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2018 Mid-Year Compliance Roundup

Important employment law cases and regulatory updates provide a mid-year compliance “to do” list, from independent contractor reviews to arbitration agreements to new national origin discrimination rules in California.

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